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Mainská mývalí koátka s PP

Our cattery celebrated 15th aniversary

The first kitten we´ve kept was our beloved Charlene Blue Rhapsody. This year she is celebrating 15. birthday and she is still cuddly and sweet like a kitten.

We have wonderful babies from our mega-tuffs-girl Mercedes!

Pictures of the babies you can find in here.

mainská mývalí koátka po Mercedes Winerau

Our princess Trinity is as beautiful as her fantastic father!

Mainská mývalí koátka

Our beautiful boy from Kalahari almost 2 years old!
Rashmi Frozen Beauty

 Rashmi FrozenBeauty Maine Coon

Our *Liquid Ice* - amazing son of Elois the sweetest - has become extraordinary young male in Black Silver Mackarell! In modern type with extra long muzzle, great placed ears with big tuffs and incredible coat!!!

FrozenBeauty Maine Coon

Beautiful white girl from the second litter of our Dasti is already GIC - GRAND INTER CHAMPION!

Boy Arctic Sky in the rare blue solid color from our first litter from Dasti has made us very proud when he achieved with his owner the show titelGRAND INTER CHAMPION - GIC!

Two boys from our last year kittens already achieved beautiful titles! Kamouflage from the first litter of our Charismatic and Amazing won at an international cat show in Germany for the second time already!Nomination for Best In Show and became Best Oposite Sex! and he is also a CHAMPION! Also boy Jaguar Blue Steel from Sugar and Amazing won Best in Variety, 5* Nominations for BIS and 2* WON BEST IN SHOW! and is already INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! I am very greatful to both owners of our babies for the great presentation on Cat Shows!

Inter-Champion Damon celebrates 7.birthdays!

FrozenBeauty Maine Coon

White boy Kamouflage from the first litter of our Charismatic and Amazing was with his new owner on an International cat show in Warsava and beated ALL Maine Coon on the show! and gained great titles Ex1, Nomination for Best In Show, Best in Show and BEST OPPOSITE SEX!!!Thank you dear Patricia for your care and presentation of our baby!:)

Our second litter from our wonderful CHAMPION-girl Elois won in a big competition between many litters on an international cat show the Nomination for Best in Show!!! We hope this litter will follow the footsteps of the first litter from Elois. Both girls out of the first litter from last year have accomplished one year from their birth already beautiful SHOW title INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION and one of the girls won even BEST OF BEST! - the absolute winner of the whole cat show! We are very proud and thankful to the new owners for the great presentation!

Our Angel almost 2 years old!

Frozen Beauty - Angel of Darkness Absolute Genial

Our increddible young star male from the mating of Darla and Dasti is reeeeally huge!, beautiful in type, in rare color, dilution carrier and above all that has amazing temper. He is chatty, cuddly and despite of his extreme size he´s unbelievably sweet and comes along with everyone!

FrozenBeauty Maine Coon

Our future - Amazing boy in white with BLUE EYES!

This wonderful boy from our unbelievable mating of Darla & Dasti was just to amazing to let go! He is in high quality type, has extreme wild expression and already weights almost 7Kg! Extreme long muzzle and strong chin, plus well tuffted long and high placed ears! This boy is really something special and therefore we are going to make a few litters with him before he goes to his new family, where they are looking forward to him very very much! We can`t wait to have his really amazing babies here!;-)

Last years blue baby Sky is INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! Thank you Iris for your presentation of our bluebear!

Our Inter-Champion Damon, the father of our amazing girls new generation and our cuddly boy Fantastique Gigolo, was tested by sonographic HCM test with negativ result. His heart is in super condition! Damon is also geneticaly tested N/N!

Charismatic was last week exactly 10months and one day old and could for the first time compete in the open class and won on the international show in Prague Ex1,CAC and Best in Variety

Our beautiful Charismatic, doughter of Sugar and Damon, won on her very first show between kittens EXCELLENT 1, BEST IN VARIETY and was also NOMINATED FOR BEST IN SHOW!!!

Frozen Beauty - Charismatic

Frozen Beauty - Angel of Darkness Absolute Genial

Our black mirracle Angel from the very first litter of our Dasti won thanks to his amazing type and extreme size right away on his first show outside our republic EX1, BIV the best out of Kittens in the colors black and blue) and after that yet the NOMINATION as the best Baby under 6 months for BEST IN SHOW!

Our white babygirl Brilliant out of our litter from Elois and Dasti won the whole show in Germany and gained BEST IN VARIETY, BEST OF BREED, BEST IN SHOW and *BEST OF BEST*!!!